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Document Scanning

Time and Space Saving

This saves time. You won't have to search through boxes, piles or cabinets full of documents. You'll be able to pinpoint the document with ease, and send it off to the person waiting for it. Another advantage is that space is saved. You'll be able to clear out your office to make room for something you really need.

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stack of blueprints

Large Format Scanning

Organization at its Best

If your business is the home of a large number of drawings that are very hard to store and have on hand when you need them you will benefit from large format scanning.

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Book Scanning

The Future of Book Storage

Choosing to scan your books is a great way to keep the books safe from unexpected floods, fires and other such events. Additionally, you will always have a copy of the books on hand should you want to share them with others without worrying that they will be accidentally destroyed.

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OCR search for text

Optical Character Recognition

Do you have data that exists only on paper? Do you really need it in MS Word, Excel or text format? OCR is the process of converting editable files from scanned documents allowing you to make quick changes or full edit of text.

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onsite team

On-site Services

The Key to Security

You can have your documents and files scanned and processed by the professionals in your office where they will be safe and sound until entered into storage. This is a great way to keep track of who is seeing or working with the files.

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Image Enhancement

The advanced technology that reduces the time and greatly enhances the quality of scanned images.


Customer Satisfaction

Staff treats your project as it was their very own. Great care is taken into providing you with the best product possible.

Vancouver Document Scanning Group

imaging workflow

The Vancouver Scanning Group is an established document scanning and management service. We are able to handle a wide assortment of projects such as blueprint and document scanning. The services provided by the Vancouver Scanning Group are available either on site or off virtually anywhere within the Greater Vancouver Area and Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Vancouver Scanning Group can help solve a wide variety of imaging, processing, and document storage issues that may arise within the workplace. Numerous types of businesses such as architectural firms, accounting offices, medical facilities and more have the opportunity to benefit from the comprehensive conveniences offered by the Vancouver Scanning Group.

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Why Document Scanning?

Document scanning provides numerous benefits for many businesses. We will convert your documents into the digital format of your choice. Choosing to convert your files to digital format will:

  • Free up space
  • Make files easily accessible
  • Keep files safe from fire, theft, or disasters
  • Make the ability to share files an easy task

You may also notice an increased productivity within the company. Document scanning enables documents to found quickly and easily. OCR services allow for quick keyword phrase searching.

Services Offered

We offer a variety of scanning services. The goal is to reduce the amount of paper that is used to store information. We provide basic services as well as those that are very complex. We provide:

Scanning can be done on many different types of documents. We work with books, mechanical drawings, newspaper archives, and any documents you deem important.


  • It is with both delight and enthusiasm that I can recommend Vancouver Scanning. I had trepidation about bringing our world classic novels into the digital age. But no more. Three cheers for the Vancouver Scanning Group's integrity, quality and professional excellence. Thank you guys!

    Daniel Altieri
    International Bestselling author/coauthor

  • I wanted to thank the Vancouver Scanning Group for having done an amazing job for us! All the documents were scanned in the highest quality. Thank you very much for your fast, convenient service; we will definitely be using your company in the future for scanning services.

    Nastaran M.
    PHS Community Services Society

  • We thank you and your workmates for their excellent job in meeting our needs and look forward to dealing with your firm further in the coming months and years!

    Cordially yours,
    Brian W. Hutchison, Esq.
    Chairman and CEO
    GEN-FIND Research Associates, Inc.

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Document Scanning Services
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High quality scanned images
Searchable PDF format
Optional destruction after scanning
Wide Format Scanning
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Plans, Maps, Blueprints
virtually all technical documents
up to 40” wide and 2mm thick
*Optical Character Recognition
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per page
Accuracy is virtually 99%
Output in MS Word, Excel, etc.
Scanning services in your office
per day
Exceptional peace of mind

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